Hair tips

1. Healthy, shiny hair

To keep hair in top shape, apply nourishing treatments at home in between your visits to the salon. If you have dry, damaged or colour-treated hair then look for products designed to hydrate and repair. These also add strength.

For an immediate pick up (any hair type) use an instant, revitalizing serum—easy to apply and just leave it in your hair.

Between visits always treat your hair at home with an intensive repair product. Repair masks are great—they penetrate deep into the hair cuticle, moisturizing and replenishing.

Some treatments can be simply applied to towel-dried hair after shampooing. Others need to be left in for a bit and then rinsed out.

2. Colour your world

For most people, colour is essential. It works wonders to enhance your image and revitalise your look every season. Colour treatments have come a long way, with many now made out of natural products. They are safe to use and easy on your hair.

Ask the salon for advice on options for full colour, semi colour or foils.

3. Lock in moisture

Washing your hair daily robs it of its natural oils and leaves it weak and difficult to work with. Instead, only wash your hair every couple of days.

For added protection, finish with a cool rinse to seal the hair cuticle and give your hair extra natural shine.

4. Shampoo choice

Only use salon-style products. They may cost a bit more but you don't need to use as much and they treat your hair with full respect.

If your hair is oily, use a deep-cleansing shampoo and a light conditioner.

If your hair is dry, use products that nourish and moisturize.

A mild shampoo is best for hair, especially when it's hot outside.

Always follow a wash with a condition.

6. Sun protection

In warm or hot weather you're exposed to harsh sun, salt and chlorine. This can wreak havoc on your hair and damage hair follicles.

Use moisturising sprays with SPF protection. These are specifically designed to protect your hair from unkind UV rays.

In summer, ask your stylist at Next about beach sprays and leave-in products which will keep your hair looking fantastic. And don't forget to apply a nourishing treatment once a week.

7. Dealing with knots

The best way to deal with knots is to brush your hair before you wash it. Then, when it's wet, use a wide tooth comb to gently ease out the knots. This will help avoid breakage.